There’s A Delicious Mountain Bakery Hidden In This Tiny Idaho Town

You know a good bakery when you smell it. And by “it,” I mean butter being deliciously cut, mixed, and molded into fresh croissants, chewy cookies, or warm, gooey sweet rolls.

But Idahoans are no strangers to homemade treats; we know that good cooking takes time and a lot of small town love. So what does it take to stand out in a state full of delectable baked goods? How about a biscuit so perfectly flaky that every gravy-topped bite is a mouthful of heaven, every scone so perfectly golden brown that their warm fruit centers positively melt in your mouth. It takes a bakery set in such an idyllic, secluded location that the fresh mountain air only makes the coffee that much better, and every conversation that much more memorable.

The Stanley Baking Company in Stanley, Idaho is that perfect blend of delicious homemade eats and magical surroundings – all set in one of the coziest communities in the state.

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Address: 250 Wall St. Stanley, ID 83278