10 Surefire Ways To Always Spot A Tourist In Idaho

Aside from agriculture, tourism is Idaho’s biggest economic sector. But even with annual revenue from visitors to the Gem State soaring above $3.4 billion, it’s fairly easy to spot someone who looks a little lost amongst the mountains, dirt roads, and sagebrush.

Like many states across the country, Idahoans have a unique presence and culture that can’t be adopted by mysterious otherstateians (I’m looking at you, California!). If you think you’ve spotted an outsider roaming the streets of Idaho, but can’t quite tell for sure from a distance, there’s no need to grill questionable subjects interrogation-style, check for identification tattoos, or critique their hairstyles. Just go through this checklist of 10 things to will determine whether their “I Love Idaho” bumper sticker is genuine, or just for appearances.

From celebrities heading to Sun Valley for fresh mountain air, to curious wanderers looking for adventure in every size, shape, and form, Idaho is lucky to have natural beauty that draws in visitors (even when we disagree!) How do you tell tourists from the locals?