There’s Something Incredibly Bizarre Happening To The Snow In Idaho

Snow can mean a lot of things in Idaho. On the one hand, fresh powder equals mind-bogglingly beautiful scenery, epic skiing and snowboarding, cozy mountain cabins, and unrivaled hot spring day-trips. On the other hand, snow can also mean busting out doughnuts in abandoned parking lots late at night, and testing the limits of gravity by jumping off rooftops into piles of just-fallen snow (surely, I’m not the only one?).

But Idaho is also a seismically active and geographically diverse area, full of mountains, hills, valleys, and  everything in between, especially when it comes to weather. When it snows (and you know it will), crazy things can start to happen… like snow rollers.

Snow rollers — also known as snow doughnuts, or “snoughnuts” — require the perfect winter conditions to form, and for this reason they are a relatively rare natural phenomenon that you have to see to believe. But with the recent snowfall across the state these past few days, sightings of these adorable, free-moving snow jelly rolls are through the roof. Check it out!

Pretty awesome, huh? What else will Mother Nature come up with?! If you catch one of these tubes moving across the landscape, be sure to get up close and personal to see every layer of rolled snow — amazing!

What’s the most incredible snow phenomenon you’ve ever seen?