The Annual Snow Plane Rally In The Little Town Of Tetonia Is One Of Idaho’s Most Unique Winter Traditions

Every Idaho town celebrates the winter season in their own way, no matter how big or small the celebration may be. In fact, the little eastern Idaho town of Tetonia holds one of the most unique winter festivals in the whole state, and it’s definitely worth checking out if you’d like to add a little action to your winter season. The annual snow plane rally is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience and it’s always a rip-roaring good time. It’s coming up soon so start making plans to see these snow planes in action right away!

Did you know Tetonia hosted a snow plane rally every year? What a fun event! Read about another unique winter festival when you check out our article on The Massive Snow Sculptures In The Small Idaho Town Of Driggs.

Address: 3103 Perry Ave, Tetonia, ID 83452, USA