Take This Road Trip Through Idaho’s Most Picturesque Small Towns For A Charming Experience

In our opinion, Idaho is one of the best states in the country for road trips. With such diverse scenery to explore and so many backcountry roads to navigate, it’s impossible to run out of places to discover! As a predominantly rural state, however, the heart of Idaho is rooted in our small towns, which invite visitors and residents alike to immerse themselves in nature and history.

Peaceful, lovely, and straight out of a magazine, these small havens boast a cozy, nostalgic lifestyle that is rare nowadays, without the crowds. We’ve listed some of our state’s most charming small towns before, and even some that boast the best scenery, but today we’ve created an easy road trip that will take you to some of our favorite overlooked towns that embody both beauty and charm – plus plenty of good eats and things to do with the family while you’re there.

Check out the full Google Map here.

What a perfect family outing! Of course, Idaho has far too many lovely small towns to include in just one trip, so please share your favorite towns and photos!