6 Sinkholes In Idaho That Will Leave You Terrified Of Earth

Sinkholes are yet another terrifying, deadly, and unexpected act of nature that can wreak havoc on local residents, causing massive craters up to 100 ft deep and wide at any given time, and often without warning. But before you’re convinced that at any moment the ground will open up beneath your feet and plunge ye unsuspecting mortals into the abyss, the scientific definition of a sinkhole means that it only exists where limestone is present, which means that as a volcanic region, Idaho is relatively safe.

Most of the time.

While a true sinkhole forms when rainwater seeps through a porous bedrock; given time, these pores become larger and weaker, resulting in a collapse of unpredictable proportions. The vast majority of Idaho is formed of basaltic and less porous rock which does not dissolve he way limestone does; however, sinkholes can also be created by an underground lava tube collapse or the weakening of soil substructure by burrowing animals, both of which the Snake River Basin and surrounding areas have a great deal of. But never fear! As this list shows, Idaho’s sinkholes are few and far between. Here are just a few of Idaho’s most infamous incidents:

We’re fortunate to live in an area where sinkhole conditions and occurrences are rare, and that those that have formed were not as catastrophic as those back east.

Have you ever witnessed a sinkhole or sudden collapse of Idaho landscape? Share your experiences with us!

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