20 Reasons To Stay Far, Far Away From Idaho

Ahhhh, Idaho. Whether you’re a newbie to the state or a lifelong resident, you’ve probably heard a few times that Idaho is full of nothingness. Just potatoes and sagebrush, and maybe a person or two – who no doubt live off of the land like primitives, raising taters in preparation for the next potato famine. You might’ve even heard the stories that Idaho doesn’t even exist at all.

I’m here to tell you… it’s all true. There’s nothing to see here, folks. Nope – nothing, nada, zilch.

Just a whole lot of beaut–er, terrible, awful, uninspiring…well, I think the photos speak for themselves. (Wink wink!)

Okay, so maybe we were being a little facetious. Clearly, Idaho is absolutely stunning in every possible way, and in every corner of the state. And you know what? We love our little slice of paradise just the way it is!