This Mountain Town Was Just Named The Most Underrated Place To Visit In Idaho

Idaho is home to many, many, many towns but only a handful of them seem to get all of the attention. There’s Boise, of course. Coeur d’Alene. Sun Valley. But there’s so much more to our state than those few towns! We could argue that every town in Idaho is vastly underrated in some way, but it looks like there is one town in particular that peaked the interest of the people over at House Method. They compiled a list of the most underrated town in every single state and the one they chose for Idaho is a real gem. If you have yet to visit this quaint town in the mountains then you need to make it a priority!

Have you visited Idaho’s most “underrated town”? Hailey really doesn’t get a lot of attention, but boy, is it beautiful. Check out our list of the 8 Most Underrated Idaho Towns That Deserve A Second Look for more hidden gems!