The Most Criminally Overlooked Town In Idaho And Why You Need To Visit

Scattered throughout the Gem State are a number of small towns where life is still honest and simple – true to Idaho’s roots, filled with small-town appeal, and home to friendly locals who never fail to wave at strangers when passing by. Many of these are far too overlooked by traditional travel sites and residents looking for the best places to live in Idaho, although blissfully passed over by hordes of tourists.

Mackay, Idaho is one such town. In fact, despite being only a relatively short distance from the swanky lure of Sun Valley, Mackay is a world—or at least a half-century—away from Idaho’s treasured resort haven in terms of atmosphere. But this tiny town pulls off its throwback western charm flawlessly and with plenty of natural beauty thrown in, creating the perfect place to visit or settle down… you just haven’t been properly introduced yet.

Of all of Idaho’s small town gems, Mackay truly is something special — boasting that rural, western je ne sais quoi that Idaho is known for. Have you ever visited?

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