What Was Just Discovered Inside A Home In Idaho Will Drop Your Jaw

Intense winter storms have blanketed much of Idaho in deep snow, and this unusual snowfall has brought with it some equally bizarre visitors on the hunt for food and shelter. For example, this massive basement-dwelling moose.

Imagine descending your basement stairs, rounding the corner, and coming face to face with a gigantic live moose. This incredible scenario just played out in Hailey, Idaho, where a wandering moose recently found itself trapped in a basement.

The moose wasn’t looking for free lodging. He apparently fell through a window well, and was understandably startled to find himself in a small, carpeted basement.

Senior Conservation Officer Alex Head was dispatched to remove the moose. Unfortunately, initial attempts to “herd the moose up the stairs and out the door to freedom” were unsuccessful. The Idaho Department of Fish and Game reports that the moose was “having none of it.”

Finally, officers were able to sedate the giant creature. They carried him up the stairs, out the front door and into the snowy street. There, the moose reportedly woke up and strolled off, shaken but healthy.

Officials say that the unusual amount of snow in recent weeks may drive more animals into residential areas, so citizens should be on the lookout for roving wildlife in unexpected places.