9 Enchanting Spots In Idaho That Will Make You Feel Like You’re At The North Pole

Now that most of the state has had its first (and second) snowfall, it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas nearly everywhere you go. But during this most festive time of year, if you’ve ever pictured the North Pole as a winter wonderland of pine trees, crisp blue skies, and cozy nooks for Santa and his elves to reside, you might just be surprised how many places in Idaho look just like you’ve always pictured our favorite polar destination. How many of these cities and places have you been to in the winter?

Between our beautiful weather, snow-capped mountains, and charming small towns, it’s easy to find places in Idaho that could easily pass for the North Pole–perfect for wintertime adventuring and photography. But don’t let these places limit your explorations–small towns, southern gems, and hidden nooks all offer their own wonderland appeal Enjoy, and be sure to share your photos with us!