The World’s Longest Floating Boardwalk Is In Idaho And It Is Absolutely Stunning

Let’s face it. Idaho doesn’t get a lot of worldwide credit. Heck, we don’t even get a lot of countrywide credit. When you tell people you’re from Idaho, you’re usually met with a blank stare and “Where’s that?”. The first thing that comes to many peoples minds are potatoes of all things. However, there’s a lot that Idaho is notable for. We’re even home to the world’s largest floating boardwalk! How cool is that? This boardwalk may be the longest in the world, but it’s the scenery that will really blow you away.

Did you know Idaho is home to the world’s longest floating boardwalk? This place would make for an awesome way to spend an hour or two. Don’t forget to check out these 7 Beautiful Boardwalks In Idaho for even more hidden gems you’ll love!