Go Llama Hiking Through The Wilderness On This Unforgettable Idaho Adventure

Have you ever been in the mood for an epic, multi-day outdoor adventure but found that you simply lacked the knowledge and tools to pull it off? Don’t worry. There are plenty of outfitters in Idaho who have the sole job of helping you out to make your adventure run as smoothly as possible. The unique company featured here even lets you rent a llama to make your adventure as easy as possible! That’s right. You can rent an actual llama to carry all your stuff for you so that you can focus on the joy of being in the lovely outdoors. Keep scrolling for all that you need to know about llama hiking.

What do you think? Would you rent one of these llamas? This is an adventure that every Idahoan should accomplish at some point. Be sure to check out these 14 Magnificent Bucket List Trails In Idaho for more one-of-a-kind and iconic adventures.