16 Eerie Photos Of Idaho That Are Spine-Tingling Yet Magical

Fog. In the movies, nothing good ever seems to come stumbling out of it. Yet, there‚Äôs also something hauntingly beautiful about a frosty white scene, whether rising above the trees or permeating a skyline with a blanket of mist. These magical, mystical cloaks often shroud the landscape and render the familiar slightly less so — more intimidating, more picturesque, and always with a unique all-encompassing silence that is simply indescribable.

Idaho is a beautiful state with a million stories to tell, and while Carl Sandburg once said that fog comes in on ” little cat feet,” here in Idaho, fog can roll out just as quickly as it came. It can hover, mist, consume, daintily glide, or hang heavy in our crisp mountain air, even lightly meander over riverbeds. Fog has many forms in the Gem State, but surely there is nothing more lovely than knowing that Idaho’s majestic beauty is waiting right below the surface of a low-hanging haze. To show off yet another side of the wonderful and unexpected splendor of Idaho, we found a few pictures of fog at work bringing Idaho’s landscape to life in a new mystical and breathtaking way.

What did you think? Any favorites? Fog can be so lovely when viewed from the right perspective!