These 11 Cities In Idaho Are Best Prepared For Doomsday

Whether by disease-carrying mutant zombies or global nuclear disaster, in the event of an apocalypse, Idaho can handle itself. We’re not afraid of gorillas, bears, heights, or much of anything around here. But these 11 Idaho towns are all especially prepared and uniquely situated to survive and navigate the trials of any cataclysmic disaster of species-wiping proportions. They’ll also do so while presumably finding a strange sense of satisfaction from the lessened population and the opportunity to zombie hunt without a permit.

Of course, I’m no dystopic expert, so don’t pack up your livelihood and move quite yet — these geographic suggestions are all infotainment, as it were.

What do you think? Are there any disaster-proof cities that I missed? For more legitimate info, and to take your preparations to the next level (regardless of city), check out this super scientific zombie-proofing guide.