The Isolated Spot In Idaho Where You Can Legally Get Away With Murder

What if I told you that there is a place in Idaho where you can commit the perfect crime? That there is a small, obscure spot tucked away in one of our pristine national forests where you could commit a felony and get caught but not be prosecuted?

It exists. And it’s called the Zone of Death.

In 2004, Michigan law professor Brian Kalt stumbled upon a loophole that exists regarding jurisdiction in Yellowstone National Park – the 3,468-square mile volcanic and wildlife area that covers portions of Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana and attracts more than 3 million visitors per year. Kalt’s article describes a literal no-man’s land in the Idaho portion of Yellowstone where (theoretically) anyone can commit a crime and receive no judicial punishment whatsoever. His findings, published in the article “The Perfect Crime,” were absolutely groundbreaking for obvious reasons…

What do you think? It seems like the circumstances needed to achieve the “perfect crime” (a book by the same name was recently written about that idea as well), are darn near impossible, making a legal freebie thankfully an unrequited fear. But it’s still a fascinating piece of Idaho all the same!

If you decide to head to Eastern Idaho (hopefully for legal, innocent reasons), there are plenty of other things to see in the area! Check out this absolutely stunning hike in the Palisades, or the Idaho’s largest natural spring – which also happens to be hiding a special, historic place. Is the Gem State amazing, or what?