Most People Don’t Know The Meaning Behind These 8 Idaho Towns

As you may or may not have learned in school, the name “Idaho” is a bit of a misnomer – the great “Idahoax,” as it were. (See what I did there?) Originally claimed by George M. Willing to be a Shoshoni word which meant “Gem of the Mountains,” Willing later admitted that he had pulled the name out of none other than his posterior nether region.

But aside from state names themselves, every state also has its fair share of unusual city names with unique historical derivations. In fact, Idaho in particular has a number of unique municipalities with Native American and Spanish roots, which provide a glimpse into the traditions and naming practices of yesteryear. Beautifully and aptly named, here are eight of our favorite towns along with their meanings and histories.

There are plenty of towns in the state with historical names and, of course, we can’t list them all here. But if you have some unique names to add to the list – and better yet, the story behind them – we would love to hear about them!