Blink And You’ll Miss These 10 Teeny Tiny Towns In Idaho

We write often about how there’s so much more to Idaho than just our beautiful capital city and potato-centric reputation. Frequently pointing you in the direction of some of our best and most remote locations, there are so many opportunities to experience Idaho offline and off the beaten path! Truth be told, Idaho’s most charming towns are cozy and far in between… but most of the time, they’re so small you won’t even know you’re in them! For this list, we narrowed things down to places that have populations of under 300 residents, with the majority of the towns making our list having 100 residents or less. Offering rural beauty and plenty of peace and quiet, these 10 towns in the Gem State are so tiny you might just miss them if you blink!

How many of these tiny towns have you visited before, and what other obscure favorites have you passed through on your travels? Share your photos and stories with us!

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