Here Are 17 Stunning Sunsets In Idaho That Would Blow Anyone Away

There are an immeasurable number of ways to experience the beauty of Idaho. But there is nothing quite like a breathtaking rural sunset in the Gem State to remind you that you live in the GREATEST state in the country.

While the setting sun is no doubt something that is best experienced in person, these photos do an incredible job of capturing the expansive and diverse landscape of our gorgeous home state from every angle and scenic point possible. From the mountains to the beach and everywhere in between, an Idaho sunset cannot be beat!

This article highlighting Idaho in all its glory would not be possible without the generous artists who make their work available for everyone to view and use. These talented photographers are dedicated to reflecting pride in our state through their photography, and we’re incredibly grateful for the reminder!

Moving forward, I’d love for this to be a recurring series; after all, no two sunsets are alike. So please keep sharing your wonderful photos! What a beautiful state we live in!