Did you know there are more hot springs in Idaho than any other state in the country? The geologic wonders of our state are simply incredible, which makes the Gem State the perfect place to kick back and soak! And really, there’s no better way to relax in nature than at a healing hot spring, especially when the weather cools down. But Idaho also has something a little extra thrown in that will make all of your dreams come true: an “official” cross-country hot springs trail that will take road-tripping to a whole new level. It’s called the Idaho Soaktennial Trail…and you’ll absolutely love it. Get ready to melt your cares away on what will be no doubt the most relaxing adventure of your life:

Out among the trees and wildlife, breathing in the fresh air, hiking through the countryside, and finally lowering yourself into a steaming pool of warm water flowing directly from the earth is a simple pleasure that’s hard to beat. We don’t know about you, but we’re ready for an extended vacation now! What do you think? Is this hot springs trail in Idaho a bucket list must-do, or what?

As always: leave no trace, tread lightly, follow all posted signs, and be respectful of any fellow hot springers. Stay adventurous, friends!

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Hot Springs in Idaho

What are some of the best hot springs to visit in Idaho?

Idaho might just be the most underestimated state in the country. Not only is it immensely beautiful, but it's also a veritable hot springs treasure trove. And the most glorious of them all is Burgdorf Hot Springs. This resort near McCall, Idaho, has something for everyone: two hot pools that simmer at an average temperature of 113 degrees Fahrenheit, along with a smaller pool that's perfect for kids. This property is definitely rustic; the cabins are comfortable, but sparse (you'll need to bring your own bedding), and during the winter, this resort is only accessible via snowmobile. It's worth the effort, however, as Burgdorf Hot Springs offers guests the rare opportunity to truly get away from it all.

Are there any hot springs resorts in Idaho?

Absolutely! In a state that's as full as amazing hot springs as Idaho, there are so many wonderful resorts where you can go to literally soak your stresses away. Idahoans have two ways to do it right: our hundreds of natural hot springs tucked away in mountain caves and alongside rivers, or, luxury man-made pools. While the Gem State is renowned for having more naturally soakable hot pools than any other state in the country, we also know how to up your experience into a glam pampering session, complete with fuzzy robes, massages, and modern lodging. Whether enjoying a relaxing soak on a chilly, snowy day or enjoying the beautiful views of the warmer months, this list has some of our favorite hot springs resorts in Idaho where you're sure to find rest and relaxation.

How many hot springs are there in Idaho?

Great question! The answer will impress you: there are more than 130 soakable hot springs scattered around the Gem State! While many of these hot springs will require a bit of a journey to enjoy, there are others that are easy to access. At these locations, you don’t have to worry about trekking in ice and snow during the winter months or becoming hot and tired during the summer as you work to reach your destination. In fact, some of these year-round hot springs in Idaho have become popular attractions with many amenities to make a long soak convenient, enjoyable, and perfect. Here are just seven year-round hot springs in Idaho where you can relax and unwind... anytime the mood strikes!

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