16 Photos That Prove Rural Idaho Is The Best Place To Live

Idaho is the seventh least-populated state per square mile in the US; however, nearly half of our population thrives in just three distinct cities: Boise, Moscow, and Coeur d’Alene. Outside of these “urban” zones, Idaho is a wide expanse of rural farmland, small town charm, and picturesque natural beauty. Idaho is so much more than just sprawling agriculture or scenic mountains – it is our combination of these landscapes that makes Idaho truly unique. While these areas may be small in population, or unpopulated entirely, they are big on charm. Here are 16 reasons why rural Idaho is truly Heaven on Earth.

Idaho is fortunate to be so much more than a tangle of highways and skyscrapers, though out-of-staters may not recognize the inherent beauty in our rural landscape. But these photos show just how serene and picturesque rural Idaho truly is.