Here Are 10 Museums In Idaho That Will Rock Your World In All The Right Ways

Idaho has earned a reputation for being a state with a plethora of outdoor and recreation opportunities, but believe it or not, we also have some interesting things to do for the indoors-lover as well — or, just to fill in those empty summer days. A fantastic summer activity for kids, couples, or families is to explore Idaho’s incredible selection of museums.

That being said, with Idaho’s unique and diverse history in terms of its place on the Oregon Trail, Short Line, and of course a rich logging and mining past, you can find museum collections around just about every corner. Today, we’ve chosen just 10 of our state’s curated buildings. Ranging from quirky roadside attractions and massive historical museums, to collections found nowhere else in the country, here’s a list of Idaho’s best and most unique museums.

Idaho has quite the collection for history lovers! Have you checked all of these museums off of your bucket list? Do you have a favorite that didn’t make the list? Let us know!