Most People Don’t Know These 10 Hidden Gems In Idaho Even Exist

Every state has its fair share of beloved attractions, getaways, and family destinations that it has come to be known for. But sometimes the absolute best spots to unwind or become inspired are a little more off of the beaten path — especially here in Idaho. It is here in Idaho’s recesses that one comes to know and appreciate our great state’s beauty more than ever.

Locally, many of these activities, scenic retreats, and historical sites are well-known, but for cross-Idaho roadtrippers, these hidden gems can make for unique and breathtaking stops, which makes each of them worth taking a drive or hike to for some seasonal R&R. In fact, be sure to pack a picnic and grab your camera; Idaho is beautiful even in its nooks and crannies and deserves a little extra time to be enjoyed to its fullest.

Now, go forth and explore! And be sure to let us know what your favorite hidden gems are in Idaho, and your best memories of those listed above.