Here Are The 8 Most Enchanting, Magical Christmas Towns In Idaho

The holidays are definitely the most magical time of the year, and while we do every season right, Christmas in Idaho really shines! From awe-inspiring light festivals and visits with Santa to hot chocolate and sleigh rides, experiencing everything in one season simply isn’t possible – but that doesn’t mean you can’t try anyway! When it comes to this season’s festivities, however, these delightful towns really capture the spirit of Christmas in all of its twinkling, frosty beauty. Take a look at eight of the most enchanting, magical, and best Christmas towns in Idaho.

8. Rupert, a.k.a. Christmas City

Few would expect Christmas City, USA, to be located in humble Idaho, but surprise! While you may not find a whole lot of snow here, depending on the year, this tiny town in southern Idaho goes all-out for the holiday season with one of the most fantastic light shows you’ll find in the entire state. Supposedly, back in 1964, Rupert decided it was time to make a name for itself when it came to Christmas, and as the community came together to fund the effort over the years, their winter festival grew until the title of “Christmas City” was made official in 1987. Mission accomplished!

Whether it’s a small hometown celebration or a grand affair, Idaho knows how to make the holiday season spectacular! What’s your favorite of the best Christmas towns in Idaho? Tell us about it in the comments!



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Best Christmas Towns in Idaho

November 19, 2021

What are some fun things to do at Christmas in Idaho?  

Idaho is a place that doesn’t seem to get enough credit – at least we think so. One of the reasons for feeling this way is because, well, obviously anyone who’s trying to talk trash about our beloved Idaho has either never been there – or has never been there during the holidays. Christmas in Idaho is a special time with plenty of things to do and see all over the state. We have plentiful traditions, like the Winter Garden aGlow at the Boise Botanical Garden, the McCall Winter Carnival, and more. What’s more? Easy: in Idaho, you can find some of the best Christmas lights displays. In Idaho, you can go shopping for the perfect (real!) Christmas tree and decorate it with friends and family. Heck, there’s even the St. Alphonsus Festival of Trees at the Boise Center.

Where is the best place to spend Christmas in Idaho?  

Remember how we said that Idaho just doesn’t get enough credit? Well, we still stand by that. Idaho can be a straight-up winter wonderland, as long as you know where to look! Some of the best places to spend Christmas in Idaho include beautiful Coeur d’Alene, which is a stunning place to visit all year, but it really takes on a special magic at Christmas. It’s even got the tallest floating Christmas tree in the nation! Sun Valley is another hotspot for the holidays thanks to its wintery atmosphere and alpine charm. McCall, Idaho, is a little mountain town with a big holiday spirit; there, you can enjoy activities like snowboarding, cross-country skiing, and, of course, Christmas caroling and all the lights your heart desires. Do you have favorite holiday traditions in Idaho?