You’ll Want To Take This Unforgettable Journey To The Center Of Idaho

For the most unique road trip of your lifetime, take a journey to the heart of Idaho – or, to the center of Idaho, to be exact! While you won’t find a monument or anything that memorializes the special nature of where you’re standing, you might just find a few awesome things to do that you wouldn’t expect to be nestled in the core of the Gem State.

Full disclosure: there’s no universally-accepted definition of a geographic center when it comes to landscapes, and no completely accurate way of determining it. However, most measurements agree that the geographic center of a state, for instance, is the spot where the land area would balance if it were a plane of even thickness balanced on a point.

Complicated? Maybe. But worth a visit? Absolutely!

Located just shy of Challis in South-Central Idaho, this unexpected destination is definitely one to add to your bucket list. Check it out:

No matter how you choose to explore the center of Idaho, definitely plug in those coordinates and snap a photo of yourself standing in this exact spot!