The Amazing Journey America’s Christmas Tree Took From Idaho To The Capitol

After years of planning and a festive cross-country trip, the U.S. Capitol Christmas Tree was lit Tuesday night in a magical ceremony that marked the start of the Christmas season. For more than 50 years, a towering Christmas tree has graced the West Front Lawn of the U.S. White House for the holidays, but this year’s immense monument is something truly special.

Overlooking the grounds and the guarding the capitol with its rich green needles and stately, cone-shaped appearance, this 80-foot tree is only the second People’s Tree that has come straight from Idaho – the first was in 1964. Even more notable is that it was driven across the nation by a local Idahoan, and lit by a Boise student. In fact, the incredible journey that this homegrown beauty took to get from Idaho to Washington D.C. is truly inspiring.

If you missed the live broadcast of the lighting ceremony, you can watch the full video below!

Idaho’s homegrown tree has made quite the epic journey over the past month – and so many memories were made in the process! Did you get to see this chart-topping giant in person, or help create one of the 18,000 ornaments? We’d love to hear your stories!