Most People Don’t Know These 7 Treasures Are Hiding In Idaho

There’s more than just potatoes buried under our soil! Hidden treasures abound in Idaho, but until now, the landscape has kept kept its caches a secret and left searchers in vain.

Our Wild West roots run deep here, and the movement of mined gold across the state dates back more than a century to when sticky-fingered rascals sought to make their fortunes outside the mines. As a result, Idaho is home to more than just hidden lakes and hot springs, but to long-lost and buried treasures as well, worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Left behind by some of the Gem State’s most notorious criminals, vigilantes, and bandits of every kind, these long-lost bounties have unique stories of Western shootouts, holdups, and crooked sheriffs to go along with them, and follow a common, timeworn thread of desperate and forgetful criminals. So grab a metal detector and a map, and check out these 7 hidden treasures.

Idaho has quite the history when it comes to buried treasures! What do you think — are these stashes still out there?