This Epic Road Trip Leads To 7 Iconic Landmarks In Idaho

It is no secret that the list of things to do in Idaho is long and extensive. Outdoor enthusiasts, history buffs, adventure seekers, and others can easily fall in love with all that the Gem State has to offer. No matter what you love, how long you’ve been in the state, or what type of attractions interest you, there are some pretty iconic landmarks in Idaho that you need to check out. That’s why we’ve created this epic road trip. It will take you to several of the most scenic, interesting, and magnificent attractions in the Gem State. From waterfalls to bridges and even the most remarkable rock formations, this road trip covers it all. So, hop in the car and get ready to explore these seven iconic landmarks in Idaho!

Are there any landmarks in Idaho that you’d add to this road trip? If so, let us know in the comments!

Address: Sun Valley, ID 83353, USA
Address: Balanced Rock Park, Balanced Rock Rd, Buhl, ID 83316, USA
Address: City of Rocks National Reserve, Almo, ID 83312, USA
Address: Craters of the Moon National Monument & Preserve, Idaho, USA
Address: Perrine Memorial Bridge, Jerome, ID 83338, USA
Address: Redfish Lake, Idaho 83637, USA
Address: Shoshone Falls, Idaho 83341, USA