Have A True Idaho Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner At The Historic Merritt’s Family Restaurant

There are some restaurants in Idaho that we simply can’t imagine our state without, and the longstanding Merritt’s Family Restaurant is one of them. This iconic Idaho restaurant has been around for decades and they’ve garnered a loyal following for their filling homestyle meals and delicious scones. Whether you’re stopping in for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, you’re bound to walk away satisfied from this beloved greasy spoon. Visiting this restaurant is a rite of passage for any Idahoan, so pay them a visit and see what’s on the menu!

Have you been to this iconic Idaho restaurant? Tell us about what you like best about this beloved eatery in the comments below! If you love visiting Idaho’s longstanding restaurants, then be sure to read up on The Timeless Idaho Restaurant That Everybody Needs To Visit At Least Once. 

Address: 6630 W State St, Boise, ID 83714, USA