This Magical Hot Air Balloon Glow In Idaho Will Light Up Your Summer

There’s a treasured Idaho tradition that takes place every summer and it’s something you’ll definitely want to experience if you haven’t already. This epic balloon classic is a multi-day festival in which visitors can come and enjoy the sight of dozens of hot air balloons lifting off into the sky. However, one of the most anticipated parts of the festival is the hot air balloon glow, and for good reason! There are few things as magical as witnessing a landscape of massive balloons lighting up the night. This is one event you’ll want to be sure to attend this summer so definitely keep it in mind as it approaches.

Have you had the pleasure of experiencing this hot air balloon glow before? Tell us about your experience in the comments! For more iconic family activities, check out this list of 10 Epic Things You Never Thought About Doing In Idaho, But Should.