Here Are The 10 Healthiest Cities In Idaho

For the better, America seems to have found a new sense of appreciation for health and fitness. On a national scale, less fast food is being consumed while yoga, organic lifestyles, and a renewed emphasis on healthy choices has started to tip the scales in our favor. Idaho, as a rural state, has long found its place in the middle of the country in terms of our health, however. While we are an outdoors-type people, a smaller population and less urban presence means there tends to be fewer opportunities for medical care and fitness-specific activities.

But how do individual Idaho cities in rank in terms of overall health?

Niche recently performed a study that rated every incorporated city in Idaho on the basis of obesity levels, access to medical care, drinking and smoking habits, and much more to determine not just which cities in Idaho are healthiest in terms of physical activity, but on a deeper level of health as it pertains to the body as a whole. Without further ado, here are the top 10 healthiest cities in Idaho.

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