This Haunted Antique Shop In Idaho Is One Of The Strangest Places You Can Go

Idaho is full of wacky attractions but few are as strange as the place featured below. Located in historic Idaho City, this place sticks out like a sore thumb within the Western-style town. Boasting hundreds upon hundreds of wacky antiques (and that’s just on the exterior), this structure has made a name for itself as one of the most photographed buildings in all of Idaho. However, there’s a lot more to this place than just how it looks. There’s something about this place that you just can’t put your finger on. Maybe it’s the shop’s fascinating history or the fact that it’s rumored to be haunted, or both! One thing’s for sure. Visiting this haunted antique shop is bound to be a strange experience you never forget.

Have you visited this haunted antique shop? Do you believe that something paranormal lurks here? Leave your thoughts in the comments below! If you thought this place looked awesome, just wait until you check out The 9 Weirdest Places You Can Possibly Go In Idaho.