This Just Might Be The Spookiest State Park In All Of Idaho

Starting in 1877, the towns of Custer, Bonanza, and Bayhorse were booming mining towns thriving off of the influx in people traveling to Idaho looking to become rich. By 1911 the mines had been depleted and the towns effectively abandoned. Today, these ghost towns still stand as silent reminders of its history. Many of the original structures still exist and although they’ve remained dormant for over a century, their stories are still being told. Land of the Yankee Fork State Park contains these ghost towns and visitors from all over travel to the park to visit these forgotten towns. There is always something creepy about abandoned towns, and a visit to this state park surely is no exception.

Have you visited Land of the Yankee Fork before? What’s your favorite abandoned spot in Idaho? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments!

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