This Unique Alleyway In Idaho Is Like Nothing You’ve Seen Before

When you mention the name of Idaho’s capital, Boise, to most out-of-state folks, the first thing they probably think of is football and…well, football. They probably don’t immediately think of the city’s art scene. Most people probably don’t even know Boise has an art scene. Unbeknownst to most, Boise is full of art. Walking down any one of the downtown streets you will probably spot some form of public art whether in the form of a sculpture, fountain, or a painted electrical box.

One of the most prominent forms of public art in the city actually takes up an entire alleyway. It’s typical of pretty much any urban setting to contain graffiti, but this isn’t your typical graffiti. The alley is an attraction in itself and is the largest outdoor gallery not just in Idaho but in the entire Northwest.

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