An Easy But Gorgeous Hike, Fishhook Creek Trail, Leads To A Little-Known River In Idaho

Some of the most spectacular scenery in America can be found in Idaho and some of it’s incredibly easy to reach. There’s a trail in the Sawtooth Wilderness that has backcountry views that won’t require any climbing equipment or backpacking gear – just a good pair of walking shoes. Go ahead and lace them up – here’s what’s waiting for you on the Fishhook Creek Trail.

To reach the trail, take Highway 75 to the Redfish Lake turnoff. Then follow FS Road #205 for about three miles and park at the Redfish Trailhead parking area. The end of the trail concludes at a wilderness area where an entry permit is required. If you love scenic views but aren’t up for a hike, here are some of the best scenic overlooks you’ll find in the state. Try not to be impressed by these views!

Address: Fishhook Creek, Idaho 83802, USA