America’s First Fallout Shelter Is Right Here In Idaho, And It’s Currently On The Market

An amazing piece of history can be found hiding away underneath Idaho’s capital city, and it’s even for sale. Constructed during the height of the Cold War, what’s been commonly referred to as the Boise Bomb Shelter was in fact the country’s very first fallout shelter. Over the decades it’s been used for storage space and even band rehearsals, but it’s on the market once again and looking for a new owner. So, if you’ve got a two million dollars laying around, you can consider making this amazing piece of history all yours! We hear it’s structurally sound, and very spacious.

Did you know about this fallout shelter hiding away in Boise, Idaho? You never know what strange history you’ll stumble across next in our state. For more interesting historical tidbits, check out 8 Weird Facts About Idaho History You Probably Didn’t Know. 

Address: 600 W Curling Dr, Boise, ID 83702, USA