7 Country Roads In Idaho That Are Pure Bliss In The Fall

If you’re an explorer, then you probably love a simple afternoon drive on a scenic country road or byway. Idaho is no doubt an explorer’s paradise, especially when it comes to the changing seasons. From winding mountain roads dotted with red and gold foliage to relaxing and unexpectedly colorful rural drives, the Gem State is truly a beautiful place to take a drive by yourself or with loved ones to experience the beauty of autumn. Here are some boldly-colored country roads to get you started on your next fall outing:

These richly colored roads are an beautiful starting point for any fall road trip. And once you’re there, shut off that GPS and explore! Idaho has a wealth of hidden gems, overlooks, and charming spots to pull over and enjoy the sights and sounds of the changing seasons. Perfect for a fall picnic, wouldn’t you say?