7 Good Old Fashioned Drive-Ins In Idaho That Are Perfect For Summer

To the modern generation, drive-in theaters may sound like a forgotten relic of kitschy, poodle-skirt decades past, but never fear: they do still exist in Idaho! In fact, Idaho has one of the largest concentrations of these vintage cinema treasures; you just have to look deep within the outskirts of tiny rural towns like Parma, Driggs, and Soda Springs to find them.

While catching a summer blockbuster is on nearly every warm weather to-do list, the open skies, starry summer nights, and the smell of old-school popcorn make drive-in theaters a truly unique experience. Sadly, these vintage gems are a dying breed; less than 350 are left in the entire country. Luckily for us, while they may have reached their peak popularity in the 1950s and 1960s, many of these nostalgic Friday-night staples are still right here in Idaho, alive and kicking.

Have you visited any of the drive-in theaters on this list? Would you recommend any other drive-in theaters that we might not have heard of yet?