Channel Your Inner Pioneer When You Spend The Night At This Covered Wagon Campground In Idaho

Idaho is known for its dozens of hot springs and hot spring resorts. One that is lesser-known but deserves a spot on every Idahoan’s bucket list is Downata Hot Springs. Located in Downey, Idaho, this getaway location is perfect for a day trip or even a week-long getaway. In fact, if you choose to spend the night at Downata Hot Springs in Idaho, you can stay in its covered wagon campground that will certainly channel your inner pioneer.

The Conestoga Wagons at Downata Hot Springs in Idaho are available for rent between May and mid-October. You will want to visit the Downata Hot Springs Resort website for more information and to book your stay.

Have you stayed at the campground in Downata Hot Springs? What type of accommodation did you choose? We’d love to hear about your experience in the comments!

Address: Downata Hot Springs, 25900 S Downata Rd, Downey, ID 83234, USA