This Devastatingly Gorgeous Place In Idaho Was Once The Site Of The World’s Most Catastrophic Flood

One of the most catastrophic events occurred right here in Idaho. It’s something every Idahoan was probably taught in school, but many don’t actually realize just how disastrous it was. The Bonneville Flood occurred during the last ice age and is believed to be the second largest flood in known geologic history. A flood that big certainly left its mark. In fact, this one incredibly beautiful area in southern Idaho was the place where it all began. Red Rock Pass is considered to be the starting point of the massive flood. People can visit this incredible place today and view the remnants of one of the world’s most catastrophic floods.

Did you know the unique history behind Red Rock Pass? Idaho is full of interesting geologic wonders just waiting to be uncovered. In fact, not many people know about The Active Volcano That’s Right Here In Idaho.