The Water Is A Brilliant Blue At Box Canyon State Park, A Refreshing Roadside Stop In Idaho

The best thing about the little-known wonder that is Box Canyon State Park is the fact that it seems to appear out of nowhere. Located in the middle of southern Idaho’s stark scenery, a canyon with a hidden blue water spring is one of the last things you’d expect to find here. The park is just one unit of Thousand Springs State Park, yet the beauty that can be found here definitely warrants a visit on its own. The next time you find yourself driving down Highway 30 near the town of Wendell, be sure to make a quick roadside stop to this incredible paradise.

Did you know about the blue water spring that’s hiding in Box Canyon? It just goes to show that no matter where you look you in Idaho, there’s always a stunning destination waiting to be found.

Address: Box Canyon State Park, W Point Rd, Wendell, ID 83355, USA