Idaho has struggled throughout history to foster a public school system that fairly and completely serves the youth of our state, ranking overall by Education Week at #46 in the country – a “D+” ranking, in alphabetic terms. But whatever your perspective on the achievements and/or flaws of Idaho’s education system, there’s no doubt that there are certain school districts that seem to have the right combination of ingredients when it comes to pupil success. Whether you’re relocating, browsing, or finally have children of school-age, knowing where – statistically – the best of the best is is good information to know.

We scoured the internet for a comprehensive ranking of Idaho’s best schools that wasn’t solely based on highly-contested test scores or overly biased based on population. Niche just put together an updated list of Idaho’s top-rated school systems for 2017 based on the weighted factors of Academics (state assessments, SAT/ACT scores), Overall Culture & Diversity, Heath & Safety (absenteeism and negative behavior trends), Parent/Student “First-Hand” Quality Surveys, Teacher Quality, Resources & Facilities, Clubs & Activities, and Sports. Combined, these educational factors provide a well-rounded picture of our state’s top school districts.

While we did our best to compile rankings that were fair, it should be noted that Idaho is home to hundreds of fantastic schools, teachers, and educational programs that didn’t make this list. Be sure to do your own research and rule out category rankings that may be biased due to population size; our tiny communities often have the greatest opportunities for focused learning in the state! Also note that private and charter schools are ranked by Niche on a separate list.

Show us your school pride and small-town love! What are your best K12 memories in Idaho?

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