Why This One Little Town Is Idaho’s Best Kept Secret

When it comes to beautiful, cozy, and underrated small towns, Idaho has plenty to choose from. Scattered throughout the Gem State’s diverse landscape and tucked far away from its larger cities, these communities are the epitome of simpler times; local cafes where everyone knows your name, gorgeous historic churches… One perfect town in particular, however, is not only the epitome of small town charm, but is as community-oriented as you can possibly get. And we absolutely love it.

Weiser, Idaho is home to a population of approximately 5,500 residents, the annual Oldtime Fiddlers Contest and Festival, a standout school system, the start of the scenic Weiser River Trail and more than a few historic gems. This homey little town offers unique shops, local eateries and small town life at its finest—but rural beauty thrives here too.

If you’ve ever driven through Weiser or tapped your feet at the annual Fiddle Fest, you know how special and cozy this wonderful community is! With so much more than meets the eye, this is definitely one little town that shouldn’t be overlooked. Don’t you agree?