This Hotel In Small Town Idaho Was Just Named The Most Beautiful In America

Would you believe us if we said one of the most beautiful hotels in the entire country was located in small town Idaho? Well you better believe it because this little-known boutique hotel was just named one of the most notable in North America. Tucked away in the tiny town of McCammon, this hotel is a relatively recent addition to the small community. However, it has quickly made a name for itself as one of the most unique and delightful lodging experiences that our state, even our country, has to offer. Make it your mission to stay a night or two in this beautiful hotel. It’s bound to be an experience you remember for years to come! Take a look:

This lovely hotel is totally worthy of the praise it has received, don’t you think? For more unforgettable places to stay, check out our list of 9 Modern And Unique Hotels, Inns, And Cabins In Idaho.