The Sky Will Be Filled With Colorful And Creative Hot Air Balloons At The Teton Valley Balloon Rally In Idaho

When it comes to Idaho hot air balloon events, the Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic is definitely the most popular. However, there’s another balloon festival that you should be aware of this summer called the Teton Valley Balloon Rally. This annual event is a favorite among East Idaho residents, and it’s easy to see why. The sight of colorful balloons flying above the breathtaking Teton Mountains is unlike anything you’ve experienced before. Be sure not to miss it this year and start planning your trip to this vibrant event now.

Are you excited about this upcoming balloon rally? What a stunning place to hold hot air balloon launchings! Start getting pumped for this summer with this list of 11 Unforgettable Things You Must Add To Your Idaho Summer Bucket List. 

Address: 1413 ID-33, Driggs, ID 83422, USA