The 20 Places You Should Eat In Idaho In 2017

We visited a lot of restaurants in 2016 – a lot. I consumed endless amounts of calories for your dining infotainment, and now we’ve rounded up some of the best and most unique foodie gems from 2016. From epic dining experiences at the most unique locations in Idaho to the most beautiful views and even nationally-recognized restaurants, these are a few bucket list-worthy, must-try eateries you won’t want to miss this year,.. plus a few extra thrown in for good measure! In no particular order, here is your Idaho Dining Bucket List for 2017:

It was quite the challenge to narrow this list down to 20 entries, and there are some truly fabulous dining destinations that had to be left off. We might just have to do a Part II just to cover even more of our favorites!

What’s the best food you’ve ever eaten in Idaho, or your favorite unique location? Let us know! 2018 will be here sooner than you think!