The Ultimate Guide To Seasonal Activities In Delaware: Pumpkin Patches, Christmas Lights, Water Parks, And More

If you’re someone who likes to experience all four seasons, New England is a great place to be. In the spring, Delaware comes alive with beautiful wildflowers of every color imaginable. Let their intoxicating aroma fill your nose as you frolic through a tulip field, plucking stem after stem to create your own personal bouquet. When summer rolls around and the heat becomes too much to bear, Delawareans flock to the Brandywine River for a refreshing float trip or visit a water park to splash around underneath the blazing sun. The crisp autumn breeze and gorgeous fall foliage send us running to the nearest pumpkin patch, apple orchard, or cider mill, perhaps even making our way through a corn maze before the season draws to a close. Don’t forget about the annual monarch butterfly and hummingbird migrations, either! Last, but certainly not least, the holiday season in Delaware is nothing short of magical. Whether you’re headed to a Christmas train, Christmas village, or to see Christmas lights at a holiday drive-thru park, the snow-covered ground and festive spirit in the air put a twinkle in the eye of kids one to ninety-two.