These 16 Traditional Hawaiian Dishes Are A Must-Taste When You Come To The Islands

Locals know that Hawaii has mind-blowingly delicious food, and we’re proud to show off the traditional taste of the islands. If you are a visitor here, don’t you dare stick to the same old safe dishes that you can find just about anywhere else in the world – the food culture here is out of this world! You will never find fresher seafood, but that’s not all Hawaii has to offer.

Mark Weins shared this mouthwatering video on YouTube, featuring 16 culinary delights that are a must-taste when you are in Hawaii.

Are your tastebuds tingling yet? We’re already salivating! Now comes the impossible question… which one to choose!

You can find more of culinary adventures on Mark Weins’ YouTube channel, or check out his Migrationology website for more tasty treats!