There’s One Awesome Reason Why You’ll Want To Build A Tiny House In Hawaii

When you factor in plane tickets, luxury hotel accommodations, a rental car and a plethora of expensive tickets for the entire family, you could spend more than $20,000 on a luxury Hawaiian vacation. Comparatively, the rent you would pay on a one-bedroom apartment in the heart of Honolulu will cost an average of $23,460 per year, according to With the astronomical cost of housing, it’s easy to understand why so many Hawaii residents are turning to the tiny house movement to fulfill their dreams of owning their personal slice of paradise.

Well, Kirsten Dirksen did just that, and purchased a slice of land on Hawaii Island site unseen for $8,000, and then customized a charming Hawaiian treehouse for an investment of $11,000. That’s less than $20,000 to live and own a home in Hawaii… How crazy is that? And because most people who live in Hawaii spend most of their time outdoors, living in 225 square feet doesn’t seem like it would be that difficult.

Would you ever consider living in a tiny home? If this video didn’t convince you, these eight charming tiny homes in Hawaii might help persuade you to take the leap into a tiny space of your own.