10 Reasons The Country Should Be Thankful For Hawaii

Thanksgiving is this week and we’re all thinking a lot about what we are thankful for. I am personally thankful for more things than I can count, including my friends, family, an awesome job, and — of course — Hawaii. And while everyone in Hawaii is likely thankful for our beautiful island paradise, the entire country should really be thankful for Hawaii. Here are ten great reasons why.

So, tell us: what would you add to this list? What other reasons should the country be thankful for Hawaii this holiday season? Sound off in the comments below, then take a look forward to Christmas by enjoying a listen to These 9 Hawaiian Christmas Songs That Will Fill You With Holiday Cheer.

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Hawaii Life

November 16, 2020

What is Hawaii known for?

The Hawaiian Islands are known for many things, including our stunning beaches in a variety of beautiful colors, constant rainbows, and friendly residents. Plus, we’ve become pretty well-known for our volcanic activity and unique geological formations. That’s not all, though: Hawaii is the only state in the country where you will find coffee, pineapple, cacao, and vanilla grown commercially.

What is it like to live in Hawaii? 

Like anywhere, there are certainly pros and cons to living in Hawaii. If you’re new to island living, you might find yourself experiencing a bit of culture shock — after all, as the most isolated population center on the planet, the Hawaiian Islands are unlike anywhere else in the world. From the islands’ culture and history to our traditions, favorite foods, and strange habits, everything about living in Hawaii is a little bit, well, different.

What are the best things about living in Hawaii? 

There’s nowhere else we’d rather call home than the beautiful Aloha State. Across the Hawaiian Islands, life is a little slower, and we choose to embody the Aloha Spirit in everything we do. From the stunning, panoramic views and that intoxicating tropical ocean breeze to the mouthwatering local food and an emphasis on ohana, there are so, so many things to love about living in Hawaii — but everyone has their own opinions. I think we can all agree that the rest of America could learn a thing or two about life from the islands, though.


OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article.